For the very first time we are introducing a 

scare ground experience to our event.

Before we let you enter you must

  •  Read the rules

  •  Sign a disclaimer 

  •  Register using the link below

This ensures that everyone involved has the best experience possible!

I the register of this form promise to follow all the rules stated and declare I have no medical conditions that may be affected by fright,shock or strobe lighting.


I also agree that Beaverworks and GIS are completely free from any responsibility or liability in case of any accidents which leads to injury or harm in the scare ground.

Hit register now to enter your details. 

Zombie-Land rules.


No more than two people per group


Follow all instructions from the stewards.


Pyrotechnics may be used in your experience.


Strobe-lighting may be used in your experience.


Stay quiet, Zombies are attracted to noise but they can’t see very well.


No running the Zombies are faster than you and the floor may be slippery! 


Do not touch the Zombies or you may become infected!


A steward will be available to assist you if need be.

Zombie-Land @ GIS8
Nov 01, 2019, 8:30 PM – Nov 02, 2019, 11:00 AM
36 Whitehouse St, Leeds LS10 1AD, UK

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