Raver Saver Terms and conditions

Raver Saver Terms and conditions


By setting up a payment plan with GIS you are agreeing to GIS Terms and Conditions and also the following Terms and conditions.


1) You must provide the following correct information within 7 days of your purchase using the my account feature on the gis website.

You can enter this information by clicking here:https://www.giveitsome.net/account/my-account


  1. Name

  2. Email address

  3. Contact number

  4. Address


2) You are responsible for making sure you have enough funds available to pay for your monthly plan on the date mentioned in the subscription confirmation.


2.1 Your first payment will be taken 1 month from the date of purchase and again on that same date until your payment plan is complete.


3) All funds paid will be issued as a redeemable code when the payment plan is complete to be used on the GIS website for any tour.


4) Your code is only redeemable against bookings in your name.


5)  If you miss a payment and your final balance is less than your plan total you will be issued a code to the value of that balance.


6) If your code value is less than the cost of a tour you will be required to pay any outstanding amounts upon booking.


7) If your code value is more than the cost of a tour any outstanding balances will be carried over to a new code upon request. This code can be used against any booking for you or somebody else.


8) GIS will inform you when your subscription has come to an end and you will be issued a code via email.


9) Payment for specific tours are restricted by certain deadlines. You must have finished your subscription by the start of these ticket sales to qualify for these tours.


10) GIS will communicate with you via email and messenger when you are eligible to claim for tours.



You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to eventsandtours@giveitsome.net expressing your intentions to cancel.



Full Refunds can be requested upto 14 days after the date of your final payment.