GIS Camping packages.


Due to popular demand, we have created camping equipment packages for each of you so you don't have to lug heavy camping equipment from home to Defqon.1.
In fact, you can order it here and we will meet you off the bus at Defqon with your package.

You may need a friend to help you with your equipment.


You will be 100% responsible for your camping equipment from that point on.


If you struggle to assemble your tent and sort your area out there will always be somebody to help you for the price of a Cold Heineken!





Suitable for one person the "Single Stomper" package includes:


1 x 1 Person Tent.

1 x Single airbed.

1 x Single sleeping bag.

1 x Camping light/fan. Batteries Inc


Suitable for 2 people the "Mates or Dates" package includes:


1 x 2 Person Tent.

1 x Double Airbed.

1 x Single Sleeping bag.

1 x Camping light/fan. Batteries Inc


Suitable for 4 people the "Group" package includes:


1 x 4 Person Tent.

2 x Double Airbed.

2 x Single Sleeping bag.

2 x Camping light/fan Batteries Inc

We have also added a number of items to our store to make your stay with us at Defqon 1 more comfortable, you can find these items below.


Add another sleeping bag to your package for only £15 each.




You also have the option to make your own package up using the store below.




Your packages will be available to collect from the bus park when you arrive at Defqon.1.


Order Deadline.


Please book your package by the 5th of June.

Gazebos will be added at a later date and will be strictly limited.